Becoming a registered bounty hunter is optional. Non registered bounty hunters pay 15% tax whereas registered bounty hunters pay 10% tax on payouts.

To become a registered bounty hunter:


To become a registered bounty hunting corporation:


Add the Corporation, BountyOffice, to your contacts. The Bounty Office will serve as an intermediate for all contract submissions and bounty payouts. Transfer money to the Bounty Office In-game with the amount you want. After 30-60 minutes, the money will show up in your EveBounty wallet, located in the menu-bar.


Go to the submission page and search for your target in the search bar. The target can be a pilot, corporation or alliance. Once the target is found, it will be displayed below the search bar.

Open,Closed or Hire: The user can select if the contract is open, closed or hired. If open is selected, the contract will be available for any EveBounty community member to contribute to. If the closed option is selected, the contract can only be claimed by registered bounty hunters and corporations. If the hire option is selected, the contract will be allocated to the specific corporation the user has chosen. No other corporation or hunter would be able to claim that contract. Any user from the specified corporation can execute the contract. The closed or hire option is recommended for more trusted and better execution.

Whitelist or Blacklist: The user can select alliances to whitelist or blacklist. If alliances are whitelisted, it means that only hunters in those alliances can accept the contract. If alliances are blacklisted, it means that any hunter belonging to those alliances, can not accept the contract.

Pay and Loss: The EveBounty contracts are set up so that the victim is guaranteed to lose that which is specified. The user can select how much he/she wants to pay for the victim to lose a certain amount of ISK. The lost amount should always be between 125% and 150% of what is paid.

Limits: To avoid contracts being submitted with a low bounty, a minumum bounty is set for pilots, corps and alliances.

Claiming Contracts

To claim a contract, visit the Bounties page (and if you are in a registered corp, you can visit your corporation page) and select a contract you want to work on. Note that you can only claim a contract if you pass all details specified in the contract, such as: rank, whitelist, blacklist, etc.

Contract Limit: Users have a limit of contracts that can be active at a time.

Executing Contracts

Once the contract has been claimed, visit the contracts section on your Profile. Once a kill has been executed in-game, insert the external killmail link in the input field specified. The kill will be added to the contract.

Time Limit

There is a two week time limit for each closed contract. If no kill is added to the contract within the allocated time, the contract will be removed from the user and placed back into the public pool. If a kill is submitted within the two weeks, the time limited is extended back to two weeks. Thus, you have two weeks to submit a kill each time.

How Loss is Calculated

Once the kill has been verified, the total ISK destroyed, dropped and insured will be calculated. The total ISK loss is calculated as follows:

ISK Loss = Destroyed - Dropped - Insurance

Claiming Reward

The Goal part of the contract specifies the total amount (in ISK) of assets the victim has to lose for the reward to be paid out. Once the Total Loss (sum of the ISK loss on each kill) is greater than the goal needed, the hunter(s) can claim the reward.

In the example above, a Reward of 500 000 000 will be paid out to the hunter if the victim loses 630 000 000 ISK.

Note: Since many people can contribute to open contracts, the reward is calculated differently. Once the contract is completed, the reward for each individual is calculated in ratio to the amount he/she destroyed. The reward is also calculated as first come first serve. The first kill will be rewarded first, etc.

Pilot Reward = (TotalReward/TotalLoss)*sum(Destroyed - Dropped - Insurance) - Tax


Ranks provide a way to distribute hunters. Hunters that are more motivated, will aquire a higher rank, which allows them to accept harder and more rewarding contracts. On registration, hunters are assigned the lowest rank, G. There are 7 ranks:

Rank Range Points Next Rank
A 1B+ ISK 2430 -
B 500m - 1B ISK 810 2430
C 100m - 500m ISK 270 810
D 50m - 100m ISK 90 270
E 10m - 50m ISK 30 90
F 1m - 10m ISK 10 30
G 500k - 1m ISK 5 10

To make your way up the ranks, complete contracts to gain points. For each contract completed, the amount of points specified above will be added to the hunters total amount of points. Once the points of the next rank is reached, the user will be rewarded with that rank.



Can you remove a wanted poster submission?

Wanted posters are not removed from EveBounty. If a player has any concerns regarding this, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Can I withdraw money from my wallet?

Not at the moment. Make sure to send money to EveBounty once you are sure how much you need. If you sent too much by accident, please contact an admin and we will try to sort it out.

How do I place or claim a bounty?

Make sure to read all information on this page.

Can't you just steal my money after I sent it?

We do not condone such actions. We strive to bring more life to the bounty hunting experience in EVE and provide players with awesome content. If by any means you think we are stealing money from you, feel free to contact us. Visit the Office to see how. Note that it may take 30-60 minutes for money to show in your wallet after you sent it in-game.

How do I get paid after claiming a contract?

Once you selected to claim the reward on your contract, it will be saved to your profile as "Approved". You can view the progress of your contract claims under the Manage tab. The Bounty will be paid out within 48 hours by an admin.

Why do I not get the full bounty payment?

EveBounty charges tax on all bounties, since it serves as an intermediate for all bounty requests. Our workers also need to get paid for their hard work :)

I logged in with SSO, what are you doing with this information?

On SSO (Single Sign On), an access token is granted to us. With this access token, we can view your character information. This does not include your most valuable information such as assets, account balance, etc.

All information obtained about your character, is obtained via the public XML and CREST API's, as well as the EVE ESI. Information supplied by these do not contain any private information or unauthorized access to your assets.

You are violating my privacy rights, what are you going to do?

We can not do anything. If you think we are violating your privacy rights, please contact us about your problem.

If for some reason a character's name matches your real life name, please, contact CCP and work with them to find a resolution.

Please also read and understand Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act:

How do I delete my account?

At the moment there is now way to delete your account. If you wish to not use EveBounty, feel free to not log in again.

Any Other Questions?

Visit the Office to see how to contact us.